In addition to the courses we offer specialist advice regarding the opening of new ice cream parlors and / or improvement of existing ones.

The cost of our advice and / or technical assistance can vary significantly depending on what the customer wants or asks us, what kind of ice cream parlors wants to set up, the quality we would like to offer, size, level of professional preparation of those who will manage /operate in ice cream parlors.

Any costs of accommodation, food and travel are the responsibility of the customer.

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Technical consulting on-line

The technical advice Online (Skype), is the fastest way to obtain the opinion of an expert.

The service is provided by Il Gelato Italiano Artigianale for a fee.

Technical advice via email is also available with various types of service.

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In addition to the advice we also offer:

  • Recipe 24 flavors
  • Re-Balancing Cream Recipes
  • Development of new Ice Cream Recipes

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Apprenticeship Training

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