We offer every type of solution to allow anybody, even the less competent in this sector, to start in the best manner in their new activity.
We have solutions for all tastes and for all pockets.
G.I.A. Il Gelato Italiano Artigianale is the only business in Portugal which can provide its customer with all that is needed to start the venture of Gelatiere Artigianale, both in Portugal and all other countries in the world.
From professional workshops, to all kinds of equipments, accessories, semifinished products for ice-cream parlours and even technical assistance.

Solution A:
Take Away Gelateria without production, recommended for small spaces, 20/40 sq.m. For example ice cream islands within Bars, Shopping Malls, etc… (Display Cases Ice Cream 8/12 flavor)

Solution B:
Take Away Gelateria with production, recommended for location medium-sized 40/60 sq.m. Is the ideal solution for people who want to make their own ice cream, without having to invest a lot of money.
(Ice-cream Compact Machine 30 + Display Cases Ice Cream 12/18 flavor)

Solution C:
Classic Gelateria, with tables and chairs and not just a selling point.
This solution is ideal for a Gelateria with a high production, 100/120 sp.m.
(Ice-cream Compact Machine 50 + Display Cases Ice Cream 16/24 flavor)
This solution allows the eventual production of ice cream for other ice cream parlors.

Solution D:
Only production Ice Cream Factory, recommended to all those who want to make their own ice cream then sell to hotels, restaurants and ice cream parlors in the area.
Reductions in investment costs, space and staff.

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